Información sobre el uso de cookies

What is a cookie

A cookie is a small text file stored by our web server on your computer hard drive. Cookies are used as part of the web technology and add your computer system no harm. By configuring your browser, you can determine whether and in what way you allow the use of cookies on your computer. The use of the Website is also possible if you have disabled cookies.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies help us to optimize the services of our website for you. Your settings during your visit of the website cookies to remember for your next visit.

How to disable cookies?

You can easily turn off cookies via their browser settings. If you turn off the use of cookies, your data are not stored on our site longer.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Press Alt
  2. Select "Tools" and then "Settings"
  3. Go to the "Privacy" tab
  4. Under History, select "Use custom settings for"
  5. Remove "Accept Cookies" the check in and then click "OK"
  6. Microsoft Internet Explorer:

    1. Press Alt
    2. Select "Tools" then "Internet Options"
    3. Go to the "Privacy" tab
    4. Move the slider to a position so that it matches the desired cookie settings and then click "OK"